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Metal Roofing

If you are looking for longevity and dependability, a metal roof could be the right roofing system for you! When installed properly, a metal roof can last up to 50 years and requires very little maintenance. When considering metal, know that there are many colors and profiles to choose from to achieve the exact style you desire.

Metal Roofing

Benefits of a metal roofing system include, but are NOT limited to:

  • Increased home value
  • Energy efficient- Metal reflects heat and blocks its transfer to the attic
  • High wind resistance
  • Low weight



The most broadly used metal roofing system is 5-V Crimp. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit whether you have a Florida style home or a barn!

  • Possible applications: Commercial, Residential and Agricultural
  • Available in Galvalume, Aluminum, and Kynar 500 finishes (many colors to choose from)
  • Less expensive than Standing Seam panels
  • Exposed fasteners (screws are visible)
  • Should be installed over a solid wood deck
  • Available in 26 gauge and 24 gauge
  • Available with or without striations (no additional cost)
  • Minimum roof pitch required: 2/12
  • Available in 21″ or 24″ widths, to achieve your desired look (24″ standard)

Metal Roofing


A high-end approach to metal roofing is Standing Seam, which provides a distinct look. Standing Seam panels come in different widths to proportionally fit the specific design needs of your home or building.

  • Possible applications: Commercial, Residential and Agricultural
  • Available in Galvalume, Aluminum, and Kynar 500
  • More expensive than 5-V Crimp
  • Concealed fasteners (screws and clips hidden beneath panels)
  • Can be installed without a solid deck beneath, direct over purlins
  • Designed for commercial buildings however can be used residentially
  • Available in the following profiles: Two pencil beads, two ribbon beads, with or without striations (no additional charge)
  • Available in 1 ½” and 2″ Mechanically Seamed
  • Available in 1″ and 1 ¾” Snap Lock
  • Available in 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″ widths, to achieve your desired look (16″ standard)




  • Zinc aluminum coating over galvanized steel
  • Very corrosion resistant, but should not be used in Coastal regions
  • Most cost effective metal roof coating
  • Available in 26 gauge and 24 gauge
  • Can be painted for added beauty

Metal RoofingALUMINUM

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for Coastal regions
  • Will not rust
  • Extremely long life span
  • Available in .032 and .040
  • Pre-painted
  • More expensive than Galvalume/ Steel


  • Highest quality paint possible
  • Usually carries a 30 year fade warranty
  • Two coat system- primer coat with a top coat
  • More expensive/ quality than polyester paint

SILICONIZED MODIFIED POLYESTER OR SMP (we do not offer this product due to its poor quality)

  • Lower quality paint than Kynar 500
  • Fades and chalks quickly
  • Less expensive than Kynar 500
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Tile Roofing

Tile is one of the most prestigious, decorative forms of roofing due to its variety of available colors, profiles and finishes. Tile roofing accommodates various building traditions and climatic conditions and is one of the most durable materials, considering that it does not burn, rot or deteriorate due to intense heat or salt spray in coastal regions. The main downside of tile roofing is its upfront cost, but when spread out over a tile roof’s long lifespan it can actually be quite affordable. When correct methods are applied, and installed properly, tile roofs can well last 20-30 years.

Tile Roofing



Tile RoofingConcrete tile is used dominantly in tile roofing systems, due to the fact that it is more affordable than its competitor, clay tile. Concrete tile is made of cement, sand and water in varying proportions and is readily available.

  • Wide variety of profiles (Flat, Double Roll, Spanish “S”, and Barrel) , finishes (Smooth, Broomswept) and colors
  • More affordable than clay tile
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Incredibly Strong and Durable
  • Color tends to fade with time and exposure to sun
  • Typical minimum roof pitch required: 3/12
  • Resistant to rot and insects
  • Fairly heavy
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Long lifespan


Clay tile is a high-end roofing system and has unbeatable performance when it comes to its lifespan. It is made from all-natural earth that is baked in a kiln to remove moisture and is known for its rich red or terra-cotta coloring, however can be glazed or unglazed to modify its finish.

  • Wide variety of profiles, finishes and colors (always some shade of red, orange or earth tone)
  • Color is not affected by exposure to the elements
  • Does not break down from exposure to harsh elements
  • Resistant to rot and insects
  • Typical minimum roof pitch required: 3/12
  • Incredibly Strong and Durable
  • Heaviest tile – may require additional roof support
  • Most expensive tile
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Longest lifespan
  • Enhanced property value



Tile Roofing


Although this may come as a surprise to you, the correct tile underlayment is the most important decision to make when purchasing a new tile roofing system. The underlayment (not the tile) is what actually waterproofs your home! Triune uses a better quality modified tile underlayment, which is a thick, flexible, and durable underlayment as opposed to a cheaper traditional 90 pound tile underlayment (known for tearing and cracking, resulting in premature roof leaks.) Although a modified tile underlayment does increase cost minimally, you will get a substantial return of investment by choosing this better product!


Triune uses foam tile adhesive as opposed to using a Nail System to fasten the roof tile to the tile underlayment (nail system upon request.) The foam system prolongs tile life because no nail penetrations are made through the tile underlayment (which is what waterproofs your home). It is our professional opinion that foam tile adhesive is the best tile roofing system installation method and will provide your tile roof with the longest lifespan.

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Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles

If you are looking for a low cost, low maintenance roof covering, asphalt shingles may be the right choice for you. We offer 25 year, 30 year and limited lifetime shingles, in many colors and profiles to give you an exceptionally beautiful roofing system with outstanding performance!

  • 3-Tab Shingles (available in 25 year/ Supreme)
    • Contains a flat layer- with no dimensional “thickness”
    • Typically rated for 60 m.p.h. winds
    • Aesthetically and economically pleasing
    • Allows for proper water flow on lower sloped roof

    Asphalt Shingles

  • Architectural Shingles (available in 30 year & limited lifetime)
    • Also known as dimensional, laminated or composite shingles
    • Typically rated from 80 m.p.h. to 130 m.p.h. winds
    • Hides imperfections in roof structure
    • Constructed with a heavy base mat with multiple adhered layers, which gives the “dimensional” look
    • Provides better wind resistance than a standard 3-Tab shingle
    • Weighs approximately 50% more than a standard 3-Tab shingle
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Shake Roofing

Cedar Shakes and shingles have versatile Architecture and add a touch of class to many Homes. Although not the most popular, cedar shakes are sure to give certain home’s a great look. We use the best products that are environmentally friendly, durable and that enhance natural beauty.

Shake Roofing

Shake Roofing
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Flat and Rolled Roofing

Flat RoofingThere are several types of flat roofs available in today’s market. Triune uses hot tar for flat roof applications. Upon removal of your existing flat roof, we install a waterproof base sheet, two (2) layers of ply 4 or ply 6 fiberglass and then a single ply modified cap sheet. Some flat roof systems require tapered insulation to properly drain water off existing decks, which would be installed per manufacturers specifications.

Most hot mopped flat roof systems, installed properly, last 15-20 years. For a free quote on a flat roof feel free to contact us.

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