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Our History

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Triune was founded in 2005 with a standard that not many companies today maintain; We treat each project as if it were our own home. We treat you, the customer, as if you are a part of our family and can proudly say that by doing so, work mainly on a referral basis. We understand that you are the reason we exist and that we must exceed your expectations in order to create a positive memorable experience. Our history is so important to us, because it is also our future!

Our Name

Did you know that Triune means Three in One? If you are looking for QUALITY, INTEGRITY and EXPERIENCE all under one roof, then look no further. Call Triune today… when our job is finished, you will look up to us.

Our License

Triune holds a State Certified Residential Contractor license in addition to our State Certified Roofing Contrator license. We are happy to provide copies of State License(s) and appropriate insurance upon request.

Our Services

Our WarrantyTriune provides quality workmanship and stands behind our products, offering a wide selection to best suit the architecture of your home or office. It is imperative to us that our customers are satisfied with our work and the products they have selected. Through Triune’s standards of Quality, Integrity, and Experience we prove that quality doesn’t cost, it pays!

Our Warranty

Triune delivers a No Leak Written Warranty with a Manufacturers Warranty upon the completion of every roof replacement and new construction project.

Our Mission

Prevention, Protection, Compliance…without Compromise!


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